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Build High Volume Targeted Traffic to your Web site!

Now that you have designed and hosted your website, the most important and crucial part of your business is: HOW TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC TO MY WEBSITE?..

Traffic is the reason why you are online, you are here because you need to be noticed. High Volume, Targeted Web Traffic is what your online business will need to succeed. You will not need to invest or spend a lot of money on this, but TIME INVESTMENT will be required. Do not expect to get instant traffic, it takes time and the right steps to build the numbers. These are tested and proven over time steps that will bring you the traffic you need.
So, How Can you BUILD TRAFFIC?

This is the basic rule in search engine optimization. Proper HTML taging tells the search engines what your web site is all about. There are THREE basic HTML Tags that every web designer MUST include in their website to get noticed, to tell the world who or what your web site is all about. These are not the key to your online pressence, but are important components of the whole search engine optimization formula.

These tags are:
Tittle Tag :- Describes the Tittle of that Specific Page
Meta Description Tag :- Describes the Content on that Page
Keywords Description Tag :- Keywords that Search engines utilise to find this page

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines use Spiders or Crawlers to browse and find your website. Spiders are a computer program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, orderly fashion and create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine that will index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Use Straihgt Forward Keyword Phrases:- If your website content is not straight forward, describes content in general terms without being specifin, then it becomes hard for your website to be spidered. Use Keyword Phrases that describe your page. Be Specific. Avoid using general words.
Hyperlink your pages:- The more your pages are internaly linked, the better and easier for spiders to index your site.
Use Keywords for your pages:- It is very importand to use page titles that reflect your site. For example, instead of using page3.html, better use tour-korea.html if your page is about travelling. Also, separate multiple words with a hyphen instead e.g tour-korea.html is better than tourkorea.html

Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are the major search engines today. If you are not in the top of their search results, then you need to rethink your strategies. If you are on these major search engines, you will definately be listed on the smaller ones. So where to Submit?
Google Site Submit:-
Yahoo Site Submit:-
Bing Site Submit:-
It will cost you absolutely nothing, apart from your time and internet connection, to submit your website to the top search engines. Once you submit your website to these search engines, please be patient. It takes time for the spiders to crawl you site and get you listed. Avoid re-submitting your site again and again. This might get you banned.

Blogs and Social Network sites have become a big avenue for much needed traffic. Participating in Blogs or Social Groups that share the same topics with you and actively participaing and posting will reach out to more people. If you join related groups, you have targetd audience, people who have related themes with you. Join Related Groups on Facebook, Twitter, Linkd or MySpace and many other blogs that have the same themes with you.
However, avoid over-participation, posting unnecessary posts or links on blogs or social networks. Make your comments relevant to the topics under discussion. Don't just spam the blogs with meaningless comments, you will wither your credibilty.

This is the highly used criteria by search engines to determine site popularity. Site Link Exchange is whereby you enter into partnership with other sites that run simmilar content with you and back-link each other. It is always advisable to participate in contextual link exchange, similar topics. The more you are linked by other websites, the better crawling your site will get from search engines. You need links. Not just any links, but high-quality, relevant links.
So where and how do you get Link Exchange Partners? Visit Value Exchange Program, register and start getting Valuable Link exchanges.

These are tools that you, as the site owner, can use to keep your audience engaged and informed. Probably the worst mistake many site owners make is publishing a website and abandon it there, on the cloud. Your audience will not keep coming back unless they find new information and more content to quench their thirst. Keeping a message board or even publishing newsletters will keep you and your audience closer and engaged. You can create your own message board or join boards that have relevance to your content.

Happy Traffic Build up!   Check out our SEO Section!

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